Course 4Visiting the Ruins of Hakuho Temple


Wakayama City Area, Historical Spots, Recommended Spots

Ueno abandoned temple ruins

The site of the Ueno abandoned temple is on the foot of the hill on the north side of the JR Hanwa Line, in the west of the site of the Yamaguchi abandoned temple. Head north through the new residential area and follow the narrow slope to the west on the right side of the grove in front of the Shorinji Temple. You will see the east and west towers and a foundation stone of the Kondo scattered around. In a basic Yakushi-ji style temple arrangement, the auditorium should be located on the north side of the Kondo, but on the north side of the Kondo here is a high cliff so there was no room to place the pagoda. The auditorium was erected west of the west tower facing east. Be careful as the base is low and you may miss it. There is an inner gate on the south side of both towers in the east and west, and the west corridor of the corridor extending from east to west is attached to the auditorium, and is connected to the east corridor on the north side of the Kondo so the whole corridor surrounds the east and west towers and the Kondo. The ruins of the abandoned temples where you can see the cathedral are few in the prefecture, but the south gate and part of the east corridor have disappeared due to the development of surrounding residences. From the discoveries of Ueno-haiji-styled and Shiragi-styled roof tiles, it is thought to be the foundation of Mimananokanki, which is recorded in the last volume 30 of “Nihon Reiiki”.

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