Course 1Across the Matsuchiyama


Hashimoto City Area, Areas Associated with the Manyo Poems


Going down west after passing the Tsumano-mori area, you will soon approach the Ogano area which many Manyo songs were sung. It is just west of Hashimoto City; the area between Toge and Ichiwaki. The name can be found in the manor called the “Ogano-shou” from back in the Heian period to the Sengoku era.

Yamato niha kikoeyukanuka Ohgano no takaha karishiki ihoriseritoha

I wish my wife can hear of this back home in Yamato. I wish she can hear that I’m sleeping in a miserable bed made of bamboo leaves on the ground of Ohgano.
This was also composed in 701 when the Emperor visited Kinokuni. The lower ranked government officials must have been sleeping on the ground with bamboo leaves for bedding. The song shows their longings for their hometown Yamato, as well as the wretched feeling they must have felt by camping on the ground.



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