Course 7Going Over the Kimi-toge


Hashimoto City Area, Recommended Spots, Shrines and Temples


Originally known as Sojasanbumyo Shrine, it is a soja (a shrine enshrining several Gods) of Koyasan Mitsugon-in Oganosho. A prefecture-designated sandstone lantern engraved with the inscription of Syohei 10 (1355) ruins in the precincts. The bell of the tower made in 1700 by Kashiwaramura Chobei is a Cultural Property designated by Hashimoto City. In the hill behind the shrine, there are also the Ichiwaki Oga tumulus clusters of 8 ancient tombs, each of which is also a city-designated Cultural Property, and you can see the horizontal stone chamber of the No. 2 tomb.

 Subsidies for Culture and Arts Promotion from the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan