Course 1Across the Matsuchiyama


Hashimoto City Area, Areas Associated with the Manyo Poems


The Kinokawa river flow spreads wide as you cross the Mt. Matsuchiyama. The riverbank here is called Sumidagawara. There is a place in Hashimoto City called Suda, but the kanji character can also be read as “sumi”, so the place was presumably called “Sumida” in the Manyoshu era. There is the Suda-hachiman shrine nearby which is known for its ancient copper mirror called the “Sudahachiman-gu Jinbutsugazoukyou”.

Matsuchiyama yukoe ikite Iosaki no Sumidagawara ni hitori kamo nemu

In the evening, I will go over Mt. Matsuchiyama, and will sleep alone in Ihosaki’s Sumidagawara.



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