Course 1Across the Matsuchiyama


Hashimoto City Area, Areas Associated with the Manyo Poems


Going down west after passing the Tsumano-mori area, you will soon approach the Ogano area which many Manyo songs were sung. It is just west of Hashimoto City; the area between Toge and Ichiwaki. The name can be found in the manor called the “Ogano-shou” from back in the Heian period to the Sengoku era.

Kinokuni-ni yamazu kayowamu Tsumano-mori tsuma-yoshikosene tsuma-toiinagara

according to one theory, tsuma-tamahanimo tsuma-toiinagara

I will visit Kinokuni again and again. So please, the God of Tsuma-no-Mori, grant me a wife since you have the word Tsuma (wife) in your name.
This Waka is a “place praising song” during the trip by means of greeting the land they were visiting, playing with the word “Tsuma (kanji for wife)” used in the name of the place.


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