Course 10Yada-toge and Kumano-kodo


Wakayama City Area, Recommended Spots


It is located on the top of Mt. Takatsumi-yama (altitude 237m) that goes by the name of Wasa-yama. The deity is Tsumatsuhimenomikoto and there are two more deities enshrined; Ohyatsuhimenomikoto and Isotakerunomikoto. These three deities are called Takamidokoromyojin as one.

It is said that the shrine was previously placed where the Hinokuma Kunikakasu Jingu used to be, but it gave way to the shrine and moved to Wasa-takayama, passing Sando in between. The Idakiso shrine and the Ohyatsuhime shrine are also said to have moved their locations. The Ohyatsuhime shrine has a record of having moved to its current location: Udamori, Wakayama city, in 702.

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