Course 9From Onoyama-toge to Hoshiya


Wakayama City Area, Historical Spots, Recommended Spots

The estimated place as 'Nagusa Umaya'

The crossing point of the Nankaido and the road leading south from the Onoyama mountain pass was a key point of the ancient traffic. An Umaya (a facility for providing horses and food) called the Nankaido Nagusa Umaya stood here. Just like the Hagiwara Umaya, the specific spot where the Umaya stood is not clear, but there are some ruins and ruins such as the Yamaichi ruins and the Yoshida ruins that used to be there in the same period of time. In the “Nihon Kouki” (written in 812) it says, “The Kinokuni Nagusa Umaya to be abolished and the Hagiwara-eki to be established.” so you can see that the Nagusa Umaya was torn down but reopened as the Hagiwara-umaya.  From the fact that a place name of “Hagiwara-mura, Noda” is written on a document from a subordinate office to a higher office made in 845, most of the specialists acknowledge that the Umaya was rebuilt in the Nagusa area due to change of traffic conditions, not in the Katsuragi area where the Hagiwara-eki is supposed to have been.

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