Course 6Visiting the Eight Views of Kada-ura


Wakayama City Area, Areas Associated with the Manyo Poems, Recommended Spots


The “Imoga-shima” in the Manyo poem indicates the two islands, Tomogashima, gracefully lined up in a row upon the sea of Kada  (actually there are four islands in all). “Katami-no-ura” is one of the coves on Imoga-shima. There is a theory that the “Katami-no-ura” cove is the cove of Kada, but the grammatical structure of the poem suggests the cove was located on the island, not the mainland.

Mokaribune Okikogi kurashi Imogashima Katami no ura ni Tazukakeru miyu

The boat to harvest seaweeds is coming towards Imoga-shima island. I can see the cranes (sense this and) fly around the Katami-no-ura on Imoga-shima island.



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