Course 6Visiting the Eight Views of Kada-ura


Wakayama City Area, Areas Associated with the Manyo Poems

Osaki (another theory)

Osaki is known to be located in Shimotsu-cho, Kainan. But in “Miyohanashi” written in the Edo period by Niida, it says “Osaki Takura (old name Akura)” which means there is another theory which the presumed location of Osaki was in Takurazaki, Kada.

 Osaki no kami no obama wa sebakedomo momofunabito mo suguto ihanakuni

The small shore where the God of Osaki lives is not a wide one, but every ship and sailor stop by at this shore. (on the other hand, I am just passing by, with no chance of dropping by.)



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